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Accent Reduction – Shortcut to Get Rid of the Habit = Replace It

Accent Reduction – Shortcut to Get Rid of the Habit = Replace It


You already know this from your own experience.  Studies show that replacing one habit with another is the easiest way to your goal.

Want to stop the trip of donuts into your mouth?  When you feel the urge, reach for that sugarless gum and bite and chew.

What about a clear speech habit?

Want to stop racing through words and speech sounds?  Focus on doing this – say each word clearly and say each syllable clearly as if it were a word.

From research we know that habits are most able to be changed when this Golden Rule of habit change is applied:  Take the cue – and then insert the new routine.

Thus….  apply the Golden Rule of habit change.  In this case, take the cue —  “start talking.”  Then insert the new routine – say each word clearly and each syllable as if it were a word.

It’s that simple!

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