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Accent Reduction – Get the Habit- Relax and Receive

Accent Reduction – Get the Habit-  Relax and Receive


What makes you more likely to engage in bad habits? Stress.

Alex Korb, UCLA neuroscientist says that staying relaxed helps your brain make the right choices.  Korb reports that the part of the brain which prompts decisions, the prefrontal cortex, is limited in its resources.  When you are under stress, its strength is reduced and you give into the habit which you are trying to stop.

Here’s an example directly related to talking clearly.

You are wanting to stop saying softly the sounds at the ends of words. You want your new habit- strong and loud sounds.

You feel stress — maybe running late to an appointment, maybe distress at not enough preparation for a presentation.

Your brain is dealing with the emotion of stress.  It does not have the resources to stop you from your old habit.

Best remedy – prevent the source of stress.  Calm gives you the strength and brainpower to stop the old behavior and do the new.  Yay! You can talk and get strong and clear those consonants at the ends of words (and syllables)!

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