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Accent Reduction – Get the Habit- Change Your World

Accent Reduction – Get the Habit-  Change Your World


Want to speak clearer… surround yourself with clear talkers.

When you listen to music with English lyrics,  find the artists who enunciate the words.

When you go to YouTube or visual media, movies, comedy or adventure series — seek out the programs with the people who speak clearly.  Hint—national broadcasters often have great, clear voices.

Turn on the English captions for hard of hearing people when you are watching a broadcast television show or an American movie.  Listen while you are reading.  You’ll see the letters at the ends of the words and that will make the sounds even clearer to your ears.

Best of all is to seek to talk to people who speak English clearly.  We humans are wired for imitating.  We will imitate the person we are with, most often unconsciously.

You probably have noticed that when you walk with a slow walking person, you walk slower.  When you walk with a person with a brisk fast pace, you match your steps to theirs.  That’s called “hysteresis” —  Hey, we are humans.  That’s what we do.  Imitate others.  Great for learning important life-saving and everyday skills!

So use the strategy of seeking conversation and exposure to people who speak and enunciate clearly.  It is a wonderfully easy way to boost your speech into clear speech in English!

Now that you know this secret, you can consciously watch the other person and imitate the other person.  Do it for speech.  Find and communicate with excellent speakers.

I do!  It is one of those little pleasures in life.

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