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Accent Reduction – Get the Habit- Count, Keep a Record

Accent Reduction – Get the Habit-  Count, Keep a Record


People who keep records tend to make more progress than people who don’t.

Research shows that people who record on their calendar the days they get that 30 minutes of recommended physical exercise, do more exercise.   People who record exactly what they eat each day stick better to their eating modification goals.

On your calendar, make a note in the morning about how many different people you spoke English to on the previous day and how many minutes you tried to speak clearly and loudly the consonants and vowels.  Your intention is to speak clearly all the time.  Of course you will forget sometimes, but get back to speaking clearly right away.

And remember, everything counts.  For example, perhaps your total English speaking time average per day is about 45 minutes.  Perhaps one day you are so swamped with work (or so sick) that you remember your target goal of speaking every English speech sound clearly for only 5 of those minutes in the morning and only 5 of those minutes in the afternoon.  Hey –that is better than zero minutes.  Rejoice!  And vow as you put 10 minutes on your calendar for your record keeping that you will boost up your clear talking habit to all 45 minutes on this current day.

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