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English Communication- Magic Phrases for Moving Among People

English Communication- Magic Phrases for Moving Among People


There are magic phrases that everyone uses to make moving among people in daily life a pleasure and which endear you to others.

Gracious politeness.  Smile when you say these phrases. Smile so that your eyes are also smiling.

  1. Good morning.  Good afternoon.  Good evening.

These are the words you are most likely to hear and which you are most likely to say.  Make your voice strong, so people easily hear your gracious greeting. Smile and nod.

Nod with one head gesture downward in the USA fashion for “yes.”

By the way, the USA nod for “yes” is two head gestures “up and down.”

Your culture may have a different head gesture or gestures for a “yes” gesture.

  1. Please and thank you.

Politeness, especially with eye contact, will endear you to those around you.  Use these often.  You may be trying to figure out unfamiliar customs or vocabulary.  These words trigger patience in the other person, and you.

When in new circumstances, it is good to know how to ask for assistance.

Do be sure to recognize this word when you hear it around you because Americans do like to help people.  Well….truth be known lots of people in the USA and other people all over our world do like to help, but not all.

  1. Excuse me.

Many public areas are tight with lots of people, such as airplanes, buses, hallways, crowded rooms.   In English, “excuse me” can act to help you move through people, a greeting, or an apology.

  1. Where is ___?

Trying to find new places and locations is difficult for all people.  Ask for help.

You may not be able to understand the complex answer.  That is true for native-born persons, also.  Your helper is likely to start pointing to help you understand the direction to go.

Keep asking people at each street intersection for directions, and eventually you will reach your destination.

  1. Where is the bathroom?

This will help you in public places to find these facilities in quick time instead of wandering and getting lost.

  1. I need ___.

We all have lots of needs.  For example, we need to eat.  Perhaps you need an item, a pencil or a chair.  Perhaps you need medical assistance.

  1. Check, please.

Sometimes servers get so busy that you need to ask for the check/bill for restaurant food.   You might need to catch your server’s attention by politely raising a hand and catching his or her eye, and with a smile on your lips.

  1. I’m allergic to___.

Sometimes we all need medical attention. This phrase is essential for good medical treatment because many people have an allergy or bad body/physical reaction to new or old medications

You might need this phrase during meals for foods hazardous to your health and well being.

  1. Have a fine day.

This phrase with your spoken “good-bye,” spoken sincerely,  and with a smile will brighten the other person’s day.

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