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English Communication- Do These for that Important Interview

English Communication- Do These for that Important Interview


What are your critical actions during job interviews?  What are critical behaviors?

These critical behaviors also apply to interviews which look like meetings where your  supervisor is determining whether to promote you to a higher position (with more or different responsibility and perhaps greater salary/fee).

Here are some tips for walking away with a great first impression:

  • Do look interested, ask questions and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Project an air of confidence and friendliness. Use this body language– open body with arms relaxed, attentive posture, and relaxed face with genuine smile that extends to your eyes.
  • To demonstrate interest in the company, ask informed questions about the job and responsibilities.
  • If you feel uncertain about the impression you give in an interview, practice before a mirror before the appointment.
  • Reach for the goal of feeling comfortable in the interview because that is a signal that you are knowledgeable about the company, the position, yourself, and stand poised and ready to get to work.

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