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English Communication- Get Best Body Language for Face-to-Face Communication (and Interviews)

English Communication- Get Best Body Language for Face-to-Face Communication (and Interviews)


What’s the most important body language during face to face communication – especially job interviews?

You have a core feeling about how important the communication of your body is to the other person.  Here are some body language tips to give you the confidence you want for making that first great impression.

  1. Make your handshake firm and solid. Keep the wrist straight with no bend.  In the US culture, the robust, muscular handshake indicates confidence and self-assurance.   If you come from a culture where the polite handshake is gentle and very relaxed, be sure to practice your handshake with others to get exactly the right amount of stiff and muscle tone to convey confidence – but not be overwhelming.
  2. Once you have entered the room, do not adjust your clothes.  Check your clothes before the appointment.  Adjusting your clothes can be interpreted as lack of self confidence.
  3. When seated, make a good posture. Slouching makes a person seem disinterested, bored, and unprepared.
  4. Keep your arms in an open position, and don’t fold your arms across your chest. To others that is a signal that you are not flexible and perhaps have a stubborn or belligerent (i.e., warlike) personality.
  5. Do not rub your neck or back of your head. Others interpret that as your being distracted or uninterested.
  6. Be certain not to overdo on perfume or cologne. In fact,  general consensus these days is to not wear any. That’s because  a fragrance wonderful to one person may not smell good at all to another.  Or the other person, or interviewer, may have allergies affected by the scent.

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