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English Speaking Skills: Top Communication Skills — Especially as a New Hire

English Speaking Skills:  Top Communication Skills — Especially as a New Hire


Communication skills are critical for all.  What is crucial for a new hire is super important no matter how long you have worked at an organization.

Communication is critical for clear understanding of your responsibilities.  Ask these questions as a new hire and as your tasks and responsibilities change:

  • What are your responsibilities and how is success measured?
  • What are priorities?
  • How to communicate project updates?
  • How is performance measured?

Communication tips for when you’ve made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you’re newly hired, you are likely to make several.

  • Avoid the mistake of thinking that if you don’t admit a mistake, nobody notices
  • Instead, USA culture loves it when you accept ownership (admit the mistake), learn, make the correction, and move forward

The best communicators ask for feedback.  How long should you wait or how lengthy an interval should you allow for learning how you are doing?

  • Your company will do best if you ask for feedback at more frequent intervals than 6 months or a year

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