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English Speaking Skills: Top Tips for Leadership — Especially as a New Hire

English Speaking Skills:  Top Tips for Leadership  — Especially as a New Hire


Here are some top tips and guidelines for your leadership and coordinating your efforts with your team at work.

  1. Take time to understand the company’s current goals and how things work. First, listen and learn. Then do your leadership job and move towards combining innovative ideas with what’s best and currently happening.  Thus is one of the best preventions for arrogance.
  2. Build relationships from the first day and continuously thereafter. Take the time to network with your colleagues by having informal conversations to learn what others do and how it affects you. Many organizations and positions are dynamic and constantly changing.  Ask questions and stay current.
  3. Does your role include leadership? Do you want to implement changes?  First be sure to:
    1. Get buy-in or agreement verbally or in writing (usually verbally) from others
    2. Understand why things are done the way they are
    3. Keep an open mind
    4. Fully understand current process and procedures before proposing changes

All that allows you to propose changes and make a good case for why changes should be made.

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