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Acceptances: Paragraphs

Acceptances: Paragraphs

Here are some well-composed paragraphs of acceptances.

I will be delighted to have dinner with you on Friday, the fourteenth of April, at seven o’clock.  Thanks so much for asking me.  I can hardly wait to see you and Rueben again.

Thanks for telling me how much the children at the Thomasville Afterschool Program liked my storytelling the other afternoon.  I’m happy to accept your invitation to become a regular volunteer and tell stories every other Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.  Do you have a computer projector so I could do visuals with some of the stories?

I’m looking forward to your graduation and the reception afterwards.  Thanks for including me.

Your bid of $7,560 to wallpaper our reception area has been accepted.  Please read the accompanying contract and call with any questions.   We were impressed with the attention to detail in your proposal and bid, and we are looking forward to your work.



Rerun from Nov 9, 2015

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