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You Can, You Will- Subscription ClearTalk Weekly- Accent Reduction

You Can, You Will- Subscription ClearTalk Weekly- Accent Reduction


You can, you will.

You have a dream – to speak English clearly, with wonderful confidence!  Yay! You want people to understand everything you say.

Now you can get that dream.  You will!

ClearTalk Weekly.  It is the perfect, easy way to reduce your accent.

We put the best of all we know from 20 years of teaching people from 65 countries and 64 first languages to speak clear, easy to understand American English.

Monthly membership is only $19.95. That is less than five dollars a week, and you can cancel at any point.

You get new video lessons each week.  We tell you exactly what to practice and how to practice.

We designed it for you people new to the Clear Talk Mastery courses and efficient method of learning.  You want an easy, efficient, and long-lasting way to learn.

We also designed it for you alumni students who have taken instruction from us.  And now you want to leap forward to boost your skill and go to the next level.

You can.  You will!

Go to our website, www.ClearTalkMastery.com and click on the red link: Check Out ClearTalk Weekly- our new video subscription program

Or click here: www.subscription.cleartalkmastery.com



Rerun from April 22, 2015

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