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English Speaking Skills: A Job Interview as an Audition

English Speaking Skills: A Job Interview as an Audition


A great tip for job interviewing : Think of the job interview as an audition.  Most people put lots of energy into getting an interview.  But many fall down during the actual interview.  Why?  Poor planning and a lack of practice.

What to do? Stage a rehearsal for your job interview. Get a friend or family member to play the role of the interviewer and stay with that role from start to finish.  Then use tips from interview experts and trainers:

  • Learn all you can about the organization in advance.  Share this with your mock interviewer.  She can use the notes you made to give you practice in describing the organization you are going to interview with.
  • Be ready for “Tell me about yourself,”   Have an elevator speech ready in case they want a brief overview of your career.  If you are internationally born or born in the US, tell them where you were born or where you grew up.  The personal information helps to establish a rapport and satisfy curiosity.
  • Know your lines: Actors do it, and you should do it too.  Memorize a few short quotes and have them ready.  They will help you respond in a memorable manner to questions.

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