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Complaints- How to Respond

Complaints- How to Respond

Here is what to include in a well written response to a complaint.  Similar phrasing can, of course, be used when you receive a complaint from a colleague or personal acquaintance.  They will be so appreciative that you took the time to treat their concern is a thorough manner.

  • Open with a cordial statement (such as “Thank you for your letter of May 15.), a thank you for bringing the matter to your attention, or a sentiment such as “We were sorry to hear that…”
  • Refer to the error, specifying dates, amounts, invoice numbers.
  • If the customer was correct, say so.
  • State your regret about the mixup, confusion, or error.
  • Explain you company’s policy of dealing with customer claims, if appropriate.
  • Describe how you will resolve the problem or what you have already done. Sometimes you give customers the choice of a replacement, refund, or a credit to their account.
  • Mention when you expect the problem to be resolved, even if it is only “immediately,” “at once,” or “as soon as possible.”
  • Reassure the customer: this error is rare; you do not expect a recurrence of it; the company works hard to satisfy customers.
  • Close by acknowledging the customer’s patience, asking for continued customer loyalty, offering further cooperation, restating the company’s good intentions and the value of its products, or expressing your expectations that the customer will continue to enjoy your services and products for years to come.

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