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Public Speaking- The Power in Pauses

Public Speaking- The Power in Pauses


You know that pauses are great for giving people time to process your information.  Pauses are also a perfect strategy for catching audience interest. But that is not all.  Instead of getting flustered with the unexpected, either from you or your surroundings, here are several other clever uses for your pausing:

  • When you want to create audience interest
    • “Maybe you are trying to figure out if this will affect you. [Pause] It will. [Pause] With force. [Pause]  Right in the wallet.”
  • When you need to take a brief break
    • To sip some water
    • To adjust your papers
    • To take a breath
  • When emotion overcomes you and you need to collect yourself
    • When your smooth delivery goes awry due to emotions when reminiscing, such as at a memorial. Simply stop talking – pausing until you can continue.
  • When an interruption distracts the audience’s attention – or your concentration
    • Surprised by unexpected interruption? Rather than look flustered, simply pause – and give yourself time to organize your thoughts.

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