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English Speech Communication- Ending a Conversation

English Speech Communication- Ending a Conversation


To wrap up a conversation, start winding it down with your body language.  Change your posture and break eye contact for a few seconds, perhaps clear your throat, look at your watch, or change your tone of voice.  Use kind phrases:

  • “It has been nice talking to you.” Or “It’s been good to see you.”
  • “It’s good to catch up.”
  • “I have to go now.”
  • “I’m so glad we met.” “It was nice meeting you.”

Shake hands, hug, or air-kiss.

If the other person keeps talking, say, “I really have to go now” and give your head a regretful little shake.  Don’t start a new subject.

Here are some other exit lines:

Nature Calls

  • I need to stretch my legs.
  • I’m having trouble hearing in this crowd.
  • Let’s go and get some more food (or drink).
  • I have to excuse myself for a moment.

Duty Calls

  • I have to go help with (something); I’m going to help in the kitchen.
  • I need to look after some of my other guests.
  • I have to talk to someone else here for a while; I need to meet someone here.
  • I promised my daughter I’d be home by ten.

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