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English Speech Communication- Starting a Conversation

English Speech Communication- Starting a Conversation


One of my favorite Chinese proverbs is “There are three hundred and forty-six subjects for elegant conversation.”

Yes, there are lots of things to talk about, even with the newest acquaintance.  Keep these topics in mind when you want to start a conversation:

  •  Especially good is talking about an interest you are passionate about (fly-fishing, movies, growing orchids, soccer, collecting rare books, biking) – convey your enthusiasm which will often prompt people to talk about their passions.
  • Almost everyone collects something or knows someone who does. Ask what he or she likes to collect.
  • Current affairs such as a news item likely to have been seen by others, recent poll results, or interesting discoveries or inventions.

Then there are those easy topics:

  • Weather- Example: All this sun for January.  If you close your eyes it feels like Miami, not Buffalo.  Have you gotten out to enjoy this nice weather?  Do you enjoy the winters here, or would you prefer to be somewhere else?
  • Holidays: Do you have anything special planned for the holidays?/Long weekend? / Summer break?
  • My grandmother used to make baklava just like this. Do you do much cooking?


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