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English Speech Communication- Tips for Introductions

English Speech Communication- Tips for Introductions


Social gatherings feel the best when you are confident that you can handle lots of situations.

Here are some tips:

  • If another person seems to be struggling to retrieve your name from his memory, come to his rescue.
  • If your name is mispronounced, correct the person gently, but promptly. That will make it easier for the person to remember the correct pronunciation.
  • To introduce one person to a crowd of several people, you can make a general introduction. For example, “Hello everyone, this is Susan Smith, our new neighbor.  Susan, these are the joggers I was telling you about.  Mike, would you introduce Susan around  to a few people while I get her a drink.”
  • If you are Mike, introduce Susan to at least three people so she feels comfortable mingling after she has finished her first conversation about jogging.
  • Once you’ve helped other people to identify each other with a name, provide them with some common links to launch their own conversation (e.g.  “David, this is Martha.  She and I are in the same book club.”)


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