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English Speech Communication- Forgot a Name- Here’s What To Do

English Speech Communication- Forgot a Name- Here’s What To Do


Sometimes you will recall a face but not remember the name.

My personal favorite remedy is to reach forward to shake the hand and say, “It’s Antonia, Antonia Johnson.  I sure remember your face, but refresh me on your name.”

Here are other strategies to get your memory refreshed.

Hint: With all of these strategies, do a big friendly smile and eye contact.  Your warmth will endear you to the person.

  • Admit a memory lapse and ask for help. “I remember you, but I don’t remember your name.”  “I am (name) and we know each other….”   “We’re both friends of Margaret.”
  • Pull a third person into the conversation and present that person to your unnamed friend (“Let me introduce you to my friend Juan.”)  The person whose name you can’t remember will then most likely introduce himself or herself to Juan.  If that person does not, you can use this as your opportunity to refresh you on his or her name.
  • Write the person’s name down, explaining that you have trouble with names and really want to get it right so you can keep in touch.
  • Offer the person your business card and there is a good chance that person may reciprocate.


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