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English Speech Communication- How to Remember Names

English Speech Communication- How to Remember Names



At a gathering, any gathering, there is nothing more satisfying than remembering everyone’s name.

Here are some great tips. Practice these and you, too, will be able to remember every name.

  1. Get a wonderful advantage even before you meet a new group of people. If possible get a list of names that you will then connect to faces.
  2. When you are introduced, pay attention to the other person’s name. Say it out loud as you make eye contact.  Say the name at least once during the conversation. And say it again when you part.
  3. Say the name a few times in your mind and link it to a visual image. If her name is Alice, imagine her as Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole.  Or connect the person with others who have that name: visualize the Ben Lincoln you have just met standing next to Abe Lincoln.
  4. Use rhyming: “Tall Paul” or “Nate the waiter.” (Hint: don’t say it out loud.)
  5. Follow-up. Reinforce your memory by looking at her name tag, asking him for a business card, or writing her name down as soon as you get home.


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