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Accent Reduction: Fascinating Facts About the World’s Most Spoken Languages

Accent Reduction:  Fascinating Facts About the World’s Most Spoken Languages


Get these fascinating facts about languages.

Our world of languages:

  • There are at least 7,102 known languages being used in the world today.
  • Twenty-three of these languages are the first language or mother tongue for more than 50 million people.
  • Also, these 23 language make up the native tongue of 1 billion people

What are the most popular languages being learned around the world?

  • English has 1,500 million learners
  • French has 82 million learners
  • Chinese has 30 million learners
  • Spanish has 5 million learners
  • German has 14.5 million learners
  • Italian has 8 million learners
  • Japanese has 3 million learners

The reason why English, French, and Spanish are among the world’s most widespread languages has its roots in the land acquisition past history of the nation’s where the languages originate.

See the remarkable infographic created by Alberto Lucas Lopez for the South China Morning Post.   Source for the information is based on data from Ethnologue, a comprehensive reference cataloging all the world’s known living languages since 1951.


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