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Public Speaking: Slides: What the Experts Know About the Print

Public Speaking:  Slides: What the Experts Know About the Print


You know, confidence is much more fun than uncertainty.

There are so very many choices for the printed words on Power Point or other slides.

How is a person to know which features are best?

Yay, yay. You don’t have to guess.  Experts at doing presentations have figured out what works.

Tips for Using Typefaces, Fonts, and Sizes Effectively

  • For projection on to a screen, don’t use anything smaller than 18-point text. For larger rooms, consider 24-point text or larger.
  • Use a sans serif typeface for titles and major headings
    • Arial Narrow
    • Verdana
    • Century Gothic
  • Experiment with a serif typeface for the body of the text
    • Times New Roman
    • Courier New
    • Garamond
    • Book Antiqua
  • Experiment with 36-point type for major headings, 24-point type for subheads, and 19-point type for text
  • As a rule, use no more than two different typefaces in a single visual aid
  • Avoid using all capitals. Use upper- and lowercase type
  • Don’t overuse boldface, underlining, or italics

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