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English Communication- Connecting: Here’s Tips for a Profile for Online Dating

English Communication-  Connecting: Here’s Tips for a Profile for Online Dating


Connecting to people and building relationship is one of those golden endeavors of life.  For the avenue of online dating, you need to write an online dating profile.  Here are some tips for that.

Before writing a profile, make a few lists:

  • Hobbies
  • Values you think are important
  • Your preferences for kinds of social settings: large or more intimate, or both
  • Friends- do you have many or prefer to have fewer but very close friends
  • Importance of family
  • Like to travel?

Your profile:  Mention a couple of  items from your lists.

  • Make it on the short side
  • Men seem less likely to read profiles than women
  • Length of profile might depend on type of relationship you are interested in
    • If you are looking for long term relationship, adding a few more details can help others get a sense of whether or not they are compatible with you
  • Share a few details about your interests
    • That makes it easier for another person to know if they have things in common with you
    • Gives other people topics to start a conversation
    • Consider sharing the book you are currently reading or next theater performance or movie you would like to see
  • Stay positive
    • Example: You love highly motivated people or physically active people
  • Check your profile for grammar
  • Making the profile light and fun is good
  • Consider checking out profiles of people of the same gender as you. Take notes on things you like and don’t like about their profiles and apply those ideas to your own.

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