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English Communication- Connecting Info for Online Dating

English Communication- Connecting Info for Online Dating


Relationship. Connection. Online dating.  Have you wondered about that route for initiating relationships?

Perhaps you have heard friends and coworkers talk about their experience.  According to Harwell, Washington Post, 2015,  1 in 10 Americans currently use online dating.

I went to Melissa, one of our staff, for information about online dating.  Here we’ll share some of that information with you.

According to Online Dating Magazine, there are 2,500 dating websites in the U.S.  So how do you know which website might suit you?  Here are a few tips.  People in their 20’s and 30’s are more likely to use sites such as OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, or the mobile app Tinder.  Sites such as Match and eHarmony, which may be used by younger groups as well, are more regularly used by those in their 40’s and above. For those over the age of 50, sites such as OurTime, SeniorMatch, and SeniorsMeetUp may have a good match for you.

Relationship is at the center.   E-harmony, in particular, puts heavy emphasis on persons looking for long-lasting marriages.  On the other hand, Tinder is known for casual dating opportunities.  Currently, however, more and more people are reporting that they have found long-term relationships through it as well.  People interested in the possibility of either short- or long-term relationships may find OkCupid, Match, or PlentyOfFish best fit their needs.

To match people up, dating websites can focus on particular features of a person’s life. eHarmony aims to link people based on compatibility. JDate and others link people based on religion. You can find dating sites for techies, hiking, badminton, music lovers, Buddhists, etc.   Google the feature of your choice by typing in “dating sites for _____.”

What are people looking for?  Connection.  For some, it is looking for others who share core values and common interests.

Some sites emphasize social networking, friendship, business networking.

How do dating sites help you to find common interests with others?  Sites like PlentyOfFish allow users to browse profiles and message other people freely.  Match and many others provide multiple quizzes users can take that can help you to find common interests with others.  Yet others, such as eHarmony, offer a tiered question system in which users pick questions from a dropbox to ask the other person. This approach may be more user-friendly to those who are unsure of how to initiate an interaction with someone they think they might like to date.

If you are interested in trying online dating, one of your goals is probably to decide which site best aligns with your interests.  It is often suggested that you try several sites.

What about communication style?  My associate Melissa reported that  Americans generally have informal communication styles when presenting themselves on dating sites.  The degree of informality likely depends on your goals.  If you are not interested in dating seriously, a more relaxed and fun approach to your profile and interacting with others would be appropriate.  If you want to show that you have the potential for a lasting relationship, it is helpful to include some elements of seriousness in your profile.  Relaxed communication is key.

For online dating sites, you make a profile.  More about that next time.

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