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English Speaking Training- Magic Question for Conversations

English Speaking Training- Magic Question for Conversations


What is a magic question for conversations?

To make a satisfying conversation—consider the strategy of asking a good number of questions.  That way you are in dialogue with the other person, and both people are learning about each.   You have already figured out that monologues where only one person is revealing things about himself or herself is not as interesting or satisfying as dialogues.   People enjoy learning about other people.  There is connection in sharing.

Satisfying conversations are like tennis games or badminton games. The conversation goes back and forth like the tennis ball or birdie. You talk for a minute or two, then you ask the other person a question.

What to do if you can’t think of a question after you have described something to the other person?  Try one of my favorite questions in that situation: “What do you think about that?”

Thus the respondent can go in any direction at all in answering the question.  The respondent can refer back to something you said earlier.  Or express an opinion. Or change the topic by saying “That reminds me of something that happened to me last week.”

Gosh, I think that question is magic.  The responses from the other person are often so very interesting.

“What do you think about that?” is a great open-ended question.  Remember from previous blogs English Communication Skill: Asking Questions- Secrets of Open-Ended Questions  that open-ended questions are fantastic when you are wanting to get more information because they invite the other person to open up.  Also, remember to use them when you are doing any kind of negotiating or planning.

Open-ended questions and especially the question of “What do you think about that?” are fantastic in every day conversation.  That is because you can get farther in understanding other people through understanding their experience and opinions.  That makes for lovely connection.  That is building relationship.

Go for it. Try the magic question: “What do you think about that?”

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