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Who Should Do This ClearTalk Weekly Subscription Program? Accent Reduction

Who Should Do This ClearTalk Weekly Subscription Program?  Accent Reduction


So you ask—Who should do this ClearTalk Weekly subscription program?

Put simply: We designed the weekly lessons for all people who want to reduce their accent and speak clear, easy to understand American English.

The ClearTalk Weekly  subscription program is based on the Clear Talk Method – our systematic, scientifically based, experienced based manner of efficient long lasting learning.  That method was successful with over 2000 enrollments, with people with 64 different first languages, and with people with a wide range of accented English.

Thus we confidently designed the course with these people in mind:

  • People who have heavy accents
  • People who have moderate to light accents
  • People who have pursued other courses for English pronunciation and are wanting more improvement
  • People who have never taken a pronunciation course and want to improve their English speaking now
  • Our former students who are wanting to refine their English speaking and reach the next level of clear talk

All these different kinds of students have already greatly benefited from the Clear Talk Method of learning.

How can such a wide range of students benefit?   The answer is in the practice.  Those who want and need to practice more, can do exactly that. In this subscription, they can do unlimited guided practice with Dr. Antonia. For example, persons with a heavy accent may decide to do deliberate practice with the videos multiple times during the day and night until they have mastery.  The student decides how much practice, perfect practice with Dr. Antonia, to do.  We provide the tools and tell you how best to practice.

Be sure to watch our English Speech Tips videos and Accent Reduction Tip videos  for more English pronunciation and accent reduction exercise.

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