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English Communication Skill: Be a Listening Magnet- Part 2 Be Alert & Write it Out!

English Communication Skill: Be a Listening Magnet- Part 2 Be Alert & Write it Out!


Here are some  more practical tips for shooting forward in your listening skill–


  1. Take an alert body position


Enhance your conversation by doing these body positions

  • Uncross your arms and legs.
  • Sit straight in the chair.
  • Face the speaker full on.
  • Lean forward.
  • Make as much eye contact as you can.


And if you feel yourself getting drowsy, don’t give in. Sit up straighter. Stand up.  Get a drink  of water. Emphasis on “get!”  Get the blood flowing in whatever way works for you.  Don’t think you can effectively combat drowsiness without changing your physical position.



  1. Write it down


Taking notes is a great listening aid.  Regardless of whether you ever refer to your notes again, the simple act of writing down the most important points boosts the entire listening process.  Fully absorbing an entire conversation through listening only is almost impossible.


If you are negotiating with another person or persons, making notes is important throughout every step of the negotiating process.  In this circumstance, review your notes right away to be sure that you wrote down everything you may want to remember, and that you can read everything you wrote down.  If you can’t read your notes, (and sometimes I can barely read my notes!) then redo the notes right away!


For negotiating or any business meeting or important meeting of any kind, when you are comfortable with your notes, consider providing a status report to the other side.  A confirming memo is an excellent way to assure that you listened well. Writing down what you think you heard and verifying the material with the other side is a positive experience.


However, if your counterpart believes you recorded the conversation incorrectly, then he or she can provide the conflicting information.  Immediately thank the other person. Point out that you wrote the memo to be sure you listened well and interpreted the discussion accurately.


Here is a tip. If the other person says you got it all wrong and misunderstood him or her, do consider this. You may  have listened carefully, because it is just as likely that the other person is correcting a sloppy communication to you.  People often change or refine their position when they see it in writing.  Do let that modification happen gracefully to the written record of what happened in the meeting and the agreements or disagreements therein.


When the other person provides a new version of the negotiations or the communication in any meeting, simply change your notes.  In fact, arguing about  who said what never furthers negotiations or communication about the content of a meeting. However what does further negotiations of communication and relationship IS identifying the other person’s position, especially an opposing party’s position.  Remember: You write it out to get it right.

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