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English Communication Skill: Great Getting to Know You Venues

English Communication Skill: Great Getting to Know You Venues


It is all about relationship.  Communication and relationship.  People want connection with other people.  There is something wonderful about getting to know a new person.   That is especially true if you have had an encounter that gave you the intuition or gut feeling that you and this particular person would bond and might have a lot in common.

What to do when you are wanting to get to know someone better?

Here are some tips for getting together with a potential friend for the first time.  Perhaps it is someone you have met in a class, or at a work event, or through a friend. Or perhaps it is a date.

These destinations promote conversation.

Museums: Big open spaces like art museums give you the opportunity to walk around in a beautiful setting while getting to know each other.

Consider other kinds of museums such as a science museum, a transit museum, history museum, etc.  Chances are there’s a small, quirky niche cultural attraction in your area for exploring.

Restaurants: Choose a place that is relative relaxed – where you can hear each other.  If it is a new restaurant, check it out in advance.  Consult with the other person for kind of restaurant. Preferences make a difference, such as vegetarian, gluten free, msg free.

Long walks:  A relaxed stroll through the city or a local park is great for conversation. You could do an outdoor festival, flea market, or farm stand.

Used books or music store:  These places provide plenty of opportunity to get to know a person.  Old records, used paperbacks, discounted CDs provide instant conversation starters to get you talking about shared interests, likes or dislikes.  Choose a place with a coffee shop or restaurant nearby so you can extend the outing and conversation afterwards.

Outdoor adventures:  If you are both nature-loving types, a hike , bike ride or trip to a lake makes a great get together and plenty of time to talk.

One word of warning.  There is a place that is a classic choice as the destination for a first get together – movies.  But with the purpose of getting to know someone, this place is difficult when you are sitting in silence through a two-hour show.

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