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English communication skills- Networking- How to Get Acquainted-Great Questions

English communication skills- Networking- How to Get Acquainted-Great Questions 


Networking is communicating. It is the way you interact and relate to the people, the world, and opportunities around you.

Fact is, there is joy in connecting and building relationships – that is the spirit of networking  in our personal and professional life.

Beginnings are hard for people.  Getting acquainted  is the time to ask questions to develop a sense of rapport and relationship.  You are encouraging the other person to talk about his or her life and work.

Here are some of my favorite questions:

“I would like to understand your business better.”

“What do you love most about what you do?”

“How did you happen to get into (this type of work, this business)?”

“What brought you to  (Denver, New York, Chicago, Miami…)?

Having asked these questions, the fun part is listening for opportunities to offer ideas or contacts that can provide information, expertise, or  assistance to the other person.  With the frame of networking in mind, think about people you know who might be good contacts for the person as a prospect, friend, associate or resource.

Even if you cannot immediately respond as a resource, do make a mental note of what you are learning about the person.

It is all about being open – being open to a new level of relationship that will continue to be a source of support, contacts, referrals, satisfaction.

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