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English communication skills- Networking Is Communicating and Connecting

English communication skills-  Networking is Communicating and Connecting


It is all about relationships, connecting.  Networking is another term for that lifelong process of meeting people, making contacts, developing friendships and building professional relationships.

It is in the communicating where networking happens.  The skill of networking involves learning how and when to approach people, how and when to offer support, how and when to ask for help.

The next several blogs will deal with networking – which in essence is an expansion outward into relationships and sharing and helping.

What is the spirit of networking?

Networking is:

  • Making contacts
  • Getting to know people and growing relationships
  • An attitude of support and connection
  • A natural human tendency to want to give and contribute
  • A combination of attitude, habits, skills: a way of living
  • Giving with no obligations or expectations
  • Being gracious
  • Sharing information and contacts with integrity
  • Expressing yourself
  • Giving power to people
  • Asking and offering in a non-demanding manner
  • Includes everyone
  • Using resources for mutual benefit
  • For people wanting to accomplish their goals and dreams
  • Promoting something of value
  • Ends up saving you time
  • Persistence and patience
  • Appropriate for all personality styles
  • Serving people

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