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English Communication Skills- How to Join In a Group at a Gathering

English Communication Skills- How to Join In a Group at a Gathering


How do you join in when people are already gathered in groups, conversing and having a good time?

  • Minimize the problem by arriving no more than fifteen minutes after the appointed time
  • If you are one of the early arrivals, people are more likely to come over to you, especially if you smile and make eye contact
  • If you have just walked into a gathering in progress, first introduce yourself to the host or greeter. Then gaze over the room and look for the most animated group of three to five people.  It’s more difficult to go over to two people since they might be engaged in an intimate or perhaps important conversation.  With two people we might be interrupting; with three or more we are joining.
  • To get into a group, stand on the outside with open, agreeable body language and sounds (“hmm, mmm”) nodding and smiling.  When someone invites you by words, facial expression or eye contact to step into the group, you can introduce yourself and say something pleasant.
  • Another strategy for entering a group is to ask a question or make a comment that relates to the discussion. Here are some good questions:
    • “What did you think of ….?”
    • “Have you heard…?”
    • “What is your opinion on …?”
    • “Yes, and …”
    • “As a thought on…”

You can also enter a group with a compliment, or by agreeing with the speakers. Agree with the speaker and link it to your viewpoint.

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