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What Practical Real-Life Difference will Increase in Intelligibility Make?

What Practical Real-Life Difference will Increase in Intelligibility Make?


Everybody wants people to grasp what they say, so a high intelligibility score is better than a low score. It is a no-brainer. Speaking accurate English sounds and words makes life much better for the speaker and the listener!

Recall the range of scores for our clients before any accent reduction instruction has been between 2% and 85%. The average was 38% for accurate English pronunciation.

But exactly what practical real-life difference will an increase of 30, 40, 50 or even 100%, which is a doubling of intelligibility, make for a talker.

Here are some rules of thumb. For graduate students doing a teaching assistant job, university departments prefer the students aim for at least 70% intelligibility. That level vastly reduces complaints from the university undergraduates in the labs and recitations.

International speakers themselves who reach at least 65% intelligibility say they have more confidence and comfort when speaking English.

Those who reach 80% intelligibility often boast of glowing praise from employers and colleagues.

Yes. You and many are brave in seeking the new path to the joy of accurate English pronunciation. Weird but true and lovely.

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