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English Communication: How Are You? More Angles of View–In Person & On the Phone

English Communication: How Are You? More Angles of View–In Person & On the Phone

shutterstock_125613056 - CopyIt’s not what you say, but how you say it.

“How are you?” is a ritual greeting in the United States.  But how you say it can move it from ritual to relationship.

Here are a few more angles of view:

Angle of view three:  For optimal connection, say the person’s name within your ritual greeting.  There is something particularly sincere about saying the other person’s name:  “How are you, Mary?”  By saying their name, you are demonstrating a bit of extra caring.  Depending on your tone of voice, the person knows if you sincerely want to know how they are really doing or if you are doing a pure ritual greeting.

Angle of view four:  55% of a person’s impression of you comes from body language.  Do you want to be perceived as being open and friendly?   Make your body posture open.  Legs and feet steady and straight.  Arms hanging naturally from the shoulders.  Be sure not to cross your arms in front of your chest.  Better to keep hands out of pockets.  Lean slightly forward.  Look in the person’s eyes.

Angle of view five:  Did you know that people can actually hear a smile over the telephone?  Try it the next time you are greeting someone on the phone.  The position of the lips makes different frequencies and tones and people can recognize that.  Combine that with a warm, sincere tone of voice, and you will warm the other person’s heart.

Angle of view six: For variety, try this: “I’m so glad to see you.”  Or, it’s great to see you.”

Yes, we have the same, classic take-home message: Communication is truly about connection.   So many angles of view—even for the ritual greeting, “How are you?” Do look and listen.  Do take the effort to know and say their name. Make your body language and tone friendly and open.  Express your pleasure. Remember to do connection.   Remember to be connected.  So satisfying for all.

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