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Public Speaking: “You”-Oriented Statements, Part 2

Public Speaking: “You”-Oriented Statements, Part 2


What is the most important word in communication? “You.”

It has the power to help you connect with listeners.

Here are more “you”- oriented statements:

  • “You know the problem all too well:_______________.”
  • “You are certainly welcome to ___________________.”
  • “You can rely on my department for ______________.”
  • “You’ll get good value from ______________________.”
  • “You know what will happen if ___________________.”
  • “You can depend on this product to _______________.”
  • “You understand the price we’ll pay if _____________.”
  • “You’ve certainly seen for yourselves that:__________.”

Do you know what I love?  I love the idea of modifying these to use in conversation, too.

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