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Presentation skills: Great Tips for Using Notes for a Presentation

Presentation skills: Great Tips for Using Notes for a Presentation


Ah, I was delighted to get this information: Experienced speakers often discipline themselves to write their entire presentation first.  Then they work backwards and reduce their manuscript to shortened notes.  I loved finding that information because most often that is exactly what I do.

Here is more advice for using notes for a presentation.

You can prepare a formal outline on standard-size copy paper (8 ½ X 11 inches) or  put bullet point notes on index cards.

And consider these guidelines:

  • Use large typeface (or large print)
  • Do wide margins so you can add notes later
  • Number each page
  • Do not staple. Use a paper clip.
  • Underline any important statistics so you can find them at a glance
  • Use colored pen or yellow highlighters to emphasize key points
  • Draw clear lines across the page to separate the major sections
  • Carefully time your presentation.  Figure that impromptu remarks will make that time longer!

Next time: Why you should consider using a full manuscript.

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