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Tips for Being a Masterful Presenter

Tips for Being a Masterful Presenter

1.    An effective presentation builds a relationship with people who are giving you the gift of their time and attention. You may be able to require their time, but you have to earn their attention.

2.    To paraphrase Lani Arrendondo, to relate like a Pro or master of communication,
a.    Relate what is relevant and important to the audience and to your topic
b.    Satisfy these four needs of your listeners:
i.    Expectation: to help them know what to expect in your presentation, state your objective and give them a preview of what you are going to say
ii.    Recognition: let them know YOU know who they are
a.    Know who is in your audience
b.    Address your message to them.
c.    Affirm and praise them for their good qualities
d.    Vary the pace of your presentation so that you keep their attention
iii.    Participation: get the audience involved
a.    Ask questions
b.    Use recalls or remind them of something in their life or something you have already said
c.    Relate scenarios or examples from their lives
iv.    Application: tell your audience how what you say can benefit them
a.    State the value of your message to the audience. Value can be growing in knowledge and understanding, or making money, or getting a competitive edge, or…

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