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What About Variety?

What About Variety? 
For your weekly dose of clear English coaching, we have a weekly speech tip video below. What about variety? We all crave variety: different places, different things,different people. This is especially true in a presentation where the audience may take any excuse to tune out. By giving the audience vocal variety, you give them a reason to hang in with you.
1. How to achieve vocal variety? One way is to vary your speed- make some of what you say slower. As ESL speakers you should avoid the strategy of fast speed. Sorry. People just won’t understand the words.
2. The best vocal variety tactic is the pause. It builds anticipation (AND allows the audience to process what you just said.)
3. A moment of silence, a brief halt to your narrative to allow it to settle in, be digested like a fine appetizer, can be a potent weapon in the arsenal of any communicator.

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