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The Danger of Becoming Overly Enthusiastic

The Danger of Becoming Overly Enthusiastic
For your weekly dose of clear English coaching, we have a weekly speech tip video below. Let’s turn our attention now to the danger of becoming overly enthusiastic and perhaps intimidating or irritating an audience.
1. If you notice your voice elevating almost to the point of shouting, bring it down. Self-monitor and correct yourself.
2. Also look for feedback from your audience. Do you notice a member or two of the audience looking away from you when you seek eye contact? They may think you’re angry at them and not just passionate about your topic. That may be your cue to moderate your voice and make it softer.
3. The line between an overly enthusiastic presentation and one that sounds underenergized is different for each of us. But in general, I’d agree with Michael Klepper that most presentations need more excitement.

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