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Getting the American Accent : “Never Say Never”

And this from Raul, on Facebook

Hi Antonia,
Would you please do a video and use as a topic “never say never”. I believe the majority of us think we are not going to go further into learning clear English speech. However, life pushes us to take more instruction and classes on this subject. Our jobs demand more clear talk. Thanks in advance, Raul

How wonderful, Raul, to have such an insight. We have the illusion that learning is for kids. We think that once you finish formal education for high school or with college, you are done.

But making English speech clear, intelligible or understandable is a goal often triggered by work life and career wishes.

“Never say never” Raul told me is his favorite quote.

It takes 70 days of practice every day to change a habit. Mastering the pronunciations and manner of clear English speaking that makes it easier to understand our speech takes between two and three months of focused practice everyday. Build that systematic learning with scientific principles and you have wonderfully efficient learning. Fast.

“Never say never.” Fact is, even after you have the habit, you have to keep it up. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

Take the wisdom of Raul, and apply it to your skill of clear talking. “Never say never.” Persistence is the key. Persistence in working your brain and muscles to get and keep the clear talking habit. Systematic learning is efficient. Seek and do that for your learning.

Above is a pronunciation tutorial for the “v” and word “never”. Gosh, “v” is so hard!

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