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Don’ts for Effective Preparation and Speaking

Above is a weekly speech tip video.
The last two weekly speaking tips have been about the do’s for effective preparation and speaking. The tip this time tells some of the don’ts.
1. Never read a speech to an audience. They deserve better and so do you. Recall your own experience. Have you ever been impressed when a speaker read a talk or sermon to you? If you answer is, “No,” then don’t inflict the same injury on others.
2. What about reading notes? Audiences feel offended or shortchanged. The drama of a presentation from your personal angle of view is lost.
3. When a speaker begins a talk with head held high, looking at the audience as he speaks, we know we are getting the news of the moment—created fresh in the moment before us –like fresh bread or a unique soup. We are impressed with a live and in the present performance.


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