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Be Not Afraid

In my life, like all lives, I have lived with fear. For my youth and young adulthood, I had a huge fear of speaking, because I stuttered. I stammered badly like King George in the movie “The King’s Speech.”

shutterstock_125620952When given a list of common fears, 90% of people, including CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), list fear of public speaking in their top fears.

If English is your second language, the challenges of thinking and talking make it likely that you also have fear of speaking. Pronunciation and your accent get in the way of your communication in English.

Hospice people (people who provide comfort care at the end of life in the United States) say that fear of death is our biggest fear for ourselves and others.

Be not afraid, the words of Jesus and message of religions and philosophies is what my brother Joe reminded me on Monday of this week. On Tuesday, my husband since I was 25, the father of our two children, my partner in all, passed. He passed from life on this earth into a dwelling in the universe, a dwelling with the divine, a dwelling in my heart, and in the hearts of all who knew him.

For me, and for you, is the blessed path: Be not afraid. Go forth and embrace life, change. Beginnings, endings. Embrace who you are and all you can be. Embrace connection, relationship and love. Embrace help. My husband Grant’s top value was to pursue and develop our unique talents and use them to help each other. That is my wish for you. That is the universe’s wish for you.


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