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English Communication- How to Keep a Conversation Going

English Communication- How to Keep a Conversation Going

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For satisfying conversations, memorize these questions:

  • “What do you think?”
  • “How did you become interested in…?”
  • “What made you choose your profession?”
  • “My family celebrates Christmas. Does your family? We do little gifts, does your family or friends do gifting? What was one of your favorites?
  • “I am considering taking up _____ (yoga, weight lifting, soccer/footbal, tennis, meditating, scuba diving).  Would you recommend a class or individual lessons?”
  • “I want to join a group. Do you belong to any. like a book group, writing group, or team sports group?”

These questions focus on someone else’s expertise and experience.  Putting the shining the light on the other person is a way to feel more comfortable and make other people know they are valued and appreciated.

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English Communication: Best Words and Phrases Seen Recently

Don’t you love words and phrases that express exactly what you want to say? Adapt them to your situation:

!. And as always, thank you for being an Xfinity customer.

2. Pleasure in small doses

3.Give the gift of career help and personal growth this year.

4. Totally worth it.

5. Cherish the day. -Stephen Sondheim

6. Accomplishing something worthwhile is my goal.

7. He needs his space.

8. I’m moved almost to tears.

9. New omicrom cases, confirmed in the state, indicating “explosively fast” spread, health officials say. Seattle Times, Dec. 16, 2021

10. Anquish and gratitude as tornado slashed through Amazon warehous. Investigators want to know why six people died. Seattle Times Dec. 16, 2021

11. Stop feeling broke.

12 … argues there is a bigger villain.

13. We (kinda) gift you a box of See’s candies.

14. You enrich my life.

How Do You Impact an Audience?

How Do You Impact an Audience?

  • How you look makes a difference to an audience–clothes, facial expression, stance, body movement, hands and eye movement.
  • Suppose you are trying to motivate a group, and you tell them something is “a wonderful opportunity,” but you don’t look or sound enthusiastic.  Vision is the king of the senses; hearing is queen.  Facial and body movement are the window for emotions. Tone of voice communicates feelings People believe their eyes and ears first, then words.
  • Hands in pockets tries to create a casual impression.  But with rigid arms, this can make you look anxious or disinterested.  Besides, it adds no plus value to your speech because your arms are stuck.  Who said casual was a good way to look in front of an audience?  You are much better off looking committed to what you are saying.


English Communication: How to Start a Conversation

English Communication- How to Start a Conversation

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The best conversationalists know this: prepare several topics of conversation before you head out for a meeting, reception, social gathering phone call, or meal.

Adapt these to your situation:

  • Sports (national, international, local)
  • Weather (the good, the bad, the surprising)
  • Local events
  • Travel
  • Music, film and art festivals, community theater
  • Traffic//parking problems
  • Latest movies or streaming shows (Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes)
  • Best-selling books
  • Broadcast documentaries or current newsmakers
  • News stories
  • Hobbies (cooking, collecting anything, making anything)
  • Holidays (New Years, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Labor Day,)
  • Schools attended (from grammar school on)
  • The location you are in
  • The event you are attending
  • The host or hostess or mutual friends

Be sure to watch our English Speech Tips videos and Accent Reduction Tip videos  for more English pronunciation and accent reduction exercises.


Rapport- What to Customize

Rapport- What to Customize?

Go to the trouble of learning about the audience in any presentation..  Make six or seven references geared to your audience.  That makes you, the speaker, an insider and lets the audience know you took the trouble of learning about them.

Make comments – humorous statements, praise, or just simple observations – about the people you’re speaking to, the organization’s history, local businesses, local news, events, or customs.