We help you speak English clearly.
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Improve Intelligibility

Improve Intelligibility from Clear Talk Mastery

Embarassed by the way you talk?
Is it hurting your career?
Tired of being asked to repeat yourself?

We help you speak English clearly. Our custom courses provide what you need.

Our intelligibility improvement methods work! We have helped over 800 clients from 58 countries and 57 first languages over more than 10 years. We measure the progress of each client so we know that our methods work.

Our program is more than just intelligibility improvement.  We teach you how to speak well, including pronunciation, volume, the most important grammar, and much more.

Custom Courses

We use special tests to figure out exactly what you need and to monitor your progress as you improve.  Once we know exactly what you need, we put together a custom textbook and work with you to master speaking English clearly.

Access From Anywhere

Our courses are provided over the internet, using a combination of interactive online videos and instruction as well as Skype for live one-on-one tutoring.  This allows us to help people no matter what their location.  

Live One-on-One Tutors

Our courses include live tutors who are specially trained in helping people just like you.  These tutors help you progress rapidly in the exact areas you need.

What We Do

We help you to learn through a combination of

  • online video lessons,
  • audio lessons,
  • personal tutoring each week,
  • custom textbook based on your needs, and
  • directed practice.

We Guarantee Your Results:


If you work through our course and someone doesn’t compliment you on your improved speech in 30 days you can have your money back.


If your ability to be understood has not improved by 30% of your initial score or reached 70% by the end of the course, we will work with you until it does.

Click here for more information about our Double Guarantee

Next Steps

  1. Gather information
    1. Read the website
    2. Contact us (email, toll free phone, contact form, etc.)  We are ready to answer any questions you might have.
  2. Sign up for our free newsletter “Troublesome Work Words” which gives you solid information about how to pronounce words commonly used in the workplace.
  3. Sign up for an assessment or course. We will contact you very shortly to coordinate the next steps.
  4. We enroll you and have you fill out a questionnaire to help us set things up properly.
  5. You start with an assessment, and we analyze the speech results and write a report.
  6. We do a consultation via Skype to discuss your results and what they mean for you and your instruction.
  7. If you have signed up for a course:
    1. We send you a customized textbook
    2. We begin the course.

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“I know what I need to do to speak clearly. I may not always remember to do it, but at least I know how. I also feel more optimistic now that I know this is a learned skill.” R.L., USA, Research Assistant


"I have more accurate pronunciation and more confidence to speak English now." J.Z., China, Researcher


"Pronunciation training and confidence and all the feedback has been very useful. I realized from feedback that sometimes I was clear and sometimes not so clear." G.D., France, Scientist


“I think that my English has really improved. I’m getting better with pronouncing the words and English is easier for me now.” M.M., Cuba, General Manager


“As a foreigner in the USA, working in a professional context, I regard her courses as a must. It is some of the best money I ever spent in the USA.” A.P., Italy, Italian instructor


“I now understand and identify my pronunciation problems. This enables me to work on them even after the course.” S.M., Germany, Physicist


“I really enjoyed meeting with colleagues each week to practice giving and critiquing talks. Also, I think just being aware of deliberate clear talk techniques has improved my communication skills.” P.A., USA, Research Assistant














Assessment Only


1 Assessment

Report detailing your speech and specific areas for improvement

 *If you enroll in a course the cost of the assessment will go toward your course.

Silver Course


4 week course

2 assessments

Customized textbook configured for you

3 weekly video lessons

3 MP3 audio lessons

3 thirty minute tutor sessions using Skype™

Gold Course


12 week course
3 assessments
Customized textbook configured for you
10 weekly video lessons
10 MP3 audio lessons
10 thirty minute tutor sessions using Skype™
Guaranteed Improvement!
Equivalent to three Silver Courses

Platinum Course


12 week course

3 assessments

Personalized course by Dr. Johnson

10 weekly video lessons

10 MP3 audio lessons

10 one hour sessions with Dr. Johnson using Skype™

Guaranteed Improvement!

By application only; course fee refunded if application is rejected




The assessment program runs on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

Our assessments use advanced acoustical modeling, and so we require the use of specific headsets: 

Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset H390  -or- Logitech Premium USB Headset 350


Our courses include content involving volume level, and so we require the use of a sound level meter.  One inexpensive meter is:

PYLE-CAR Audio/Video PSPL01 Mini Digital Sound Level Meter (also known as Tenma 72-935 Compact A-Weighted Sound Level Meter)

Our courses involve personal video tutoring, so you will need a webcam. One webcam that has worked especially well for us is the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000