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Public Speaking- Top Tips for Speech Writing

Public Speaking-  Top Tips for Speech Writing


Asked to do a presentation, a speech?

Speech writing is different than other forms of writing.  The best speeches are written not to be read but to be heard.

Get into the joy of speeches and writing.   Maximize your chances of saying something well by writing the speech to be heard.

Here are some tips for direct, clear, appealing speech writing.

  • Shorter sentences
  • Sentences of varying length
  • Concrete ideas
  • Fewer words
  • Active tense
  • Repetition of main points

The general rule of thumb is that for every minute you plan to speak you should schedule an hour of preparation time.  I love that simple advice.  Better to be forewarned than surprised about how long it takes to do the preparation which includes  writing, rewriting and rehearsal.

Also good for you to know is that few speeches are longer than twenty minutes, and most are shorter.

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