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Tips to Perfect the Fine Art of Dialogue

Tips to Perfect the Fine Art of Dialogue



For this week’s clear English speech coaching, we have a speech tip video below. Also, here are a couple of tips to perfect the fine art of dialogue.

  • Good, engaging conversation is like a Frisbee that you catch, spin and toss to the next person. Marylynne Pitz
  • March launches spring, spring break, and socializing outdoors. So now is an excellent time to brush up on your skill to speak with sincerity and style.
  • Biggest error: Many people who meet for the first time or are beginning to develop a friendship often violate one of the important rules governing civilized conversation, according to Margaret Shepherd.
  • She calls it “real-time blogging.” People are face-to-face, but they are still thinking out loud. They are just streaming or rambling about what interests them.
  • What to do? Learn to dialogue. Catch that Frisbee of topic, look around and throw the Frisbee to the next person.
  • Stay tuned for new approaches to gracious conversation and five fail-safe questions to open communication.

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