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Our series, Troublesome Work Words, gives you helpful tips on how to pronounce workplace words that are particularly difficult. 

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    From Our Clients

    “I called you first because we are partners. I just won best general manager of the year. I have never been happier! Last year before I started with you I was afraid to do a presentation or even speak in a meeting. I thank you.” C.S., Cuba, FL

     “First, Clear Talk and you helped me get the job of my dreams. And now I just got big praise from all co-workers for my presentation to the National Science Foundation. Success!” L.D., China, NY

    "Clear Talk is definitely the best language tutorial I have ever had, covering both mechanics of speech as well as the rules applied to speaking situations." R.T., Indonesia, Accountant “As a foreigner in the USA, working in a professional context, I regard her courses as a must. It is some of the best money I ever spent in the USA.” A.P., Italy, Italian instructor “I am more confident about word pronunciation. I have learned presentation manners. Now I speak with more confidence and with much more clarity.” P.V., India, Software Engineer

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    What We Do


    Our assessment provides detailed objective information about exactly what you need to improve your English speaking.

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    Our courses are designed to improve your English speaking.  Our methods have been developed and proven through instruction of over 800 clients from 58 countries and 57 first languages.

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    Three Types of Courses

     We offer three types of courses.  The Gold course takes 12 weeks.  The Silver course takes 4 weeks, and three Silver courses is the same as the Gold course.  We also offer the Platinum course for people wanting personal instruction from Dr. Johnson.

    Multiple Levels of Courses

     We offer multiple levels of courses to help you progress from good to great.  You can get details on the first three levels below.

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     We Guarantee Your Results:

    1.  If you work through our course and someone doesn’t compliment you on your improved speech in 30 days you can have your money back.

    2.  If your ability to be understood has not improved by 30% of your initial score or reached 70% by the end of the course, we will work with you until it does.

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