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Rewarding Offer to Pollo Employees: English Speech Training at Possible No Cost to You.

Welcome, Pollo Tropical Employees!

MEMO TO: All Salaried Managers, District Managers & Corporate Staff
FROM: Human Resources
RE: English Language Skills Enhancement with Clear Talk Mastery

Are you looking for a program to help you speak English clearly? Are you trying to reduce your accent? Are you seeking ways to build your confidence with English grammar and sentence structure? Would better English language skills help you in your career?

Pollo Tropical, in partnership with Clear Talk Mastery, is now offering through its Tuition Reimbursement Program, an exciting English immersion course for all salaried managers and corporate support staff. The 12 week ($695.00) course, known as the “GOLD’ package, includes all testing, all program materials, all equipment (except a webcam), and private coaching/tutoring. Those registering for the course will need to have a PC computer with a video camera and access to SKYPE. In other words, you need internet connection and the Skype program, which can be downloaded free at www.Skype.com.

The enrollment fee is $175 which must be paid up-front by you. However, once you successfully complete the course with a passing grade, Pollo Tropical will reimburse you for the enrollment fee and pay the rest of the tuition to Clear Talk Mastery. That means, if you put in the time and effort to complete the course, Pollo Tropical pays the entire tuition.

To sign up for this class, follow these steps:

  1. Click below to add the Gold Course to your cart. You will then need to pay the $175 enrollment fee with Paypal.
  2. Contact Sally Throckmorton, Sr. HR Manager at 305-671-1216 to fill out the required Tuition Reimbursement Program paperwork.
  3. Once you complete the course, Pollo Tropical will reimburse you $175.

As stated by Richard Marshall, HR: “This course will provide you with techniques that will help you for the rest of your life. Start today, and good luck!”

Pollo Gold Course: $175.00

Free Sample Lesson

We will give you a sample lesson for FREE!

  • Get to know us first!
  • 30-60 minutes
  • Live 1 on 1 coaching using Skype or your telephone
  • Covering a specific area that you’d like to focus on

From Our Clients

“I called you first because we are partners. I just won best general manager of the year. I have never been happier! Last year before I started with you I was afraid to do a presentation or even speak in a meeting. I thank you.” C.S., Cuba, FL

Clear Talk is definitely the best language tutorial I have ever had, covering both mechanics of speech as well as the rules applied to speaking situations. R.T., Indonesia

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What We Do

About our Courses:

  • We assess a dozen speaking skills
  • We do 1 on 1 coaching sessions through Skype
  • Course materials include: Online learning videos, audio lessons, and a customized textbook.
  • We offer multiple levels of courses
  • Our courses range from 4 – 12 weeks

Sign up for a Gold course today

Pollo Gold Course: $175.00

Why Us?

Learn to speak English clearly

  • Get rid of the frustrating What?”
  • Build your career, build job security
  • Succeed in presentations, groups, and on the phone
  • Take the courses anywhere in the US and around the world
  • Less expensive than group courses
  • We’ve helped over 800 people from 58 countries and 57 first languages!
  • If you aren’t satisfied in 30 days you can have your money back.

and much, much more!