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Special Tips for Using Quotes to Communicate the Judgment of Experts

Special Tips for Using Quotes to Communicate the Judgment of Experts

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For best results for using  the judgment of experts as evidence to support your viewpoint or recommendation:

  • Explain expert’s credential if not known to listeners (Example: renown physicist)
  • Use short quotes
  • Putting quotes on projected slides increases their power


The “Asking for Support” Call

The “Asking for Support” Call

This call is made to ask for information, ideas, contacts, or support of some kind.  The most important thing is to be clear about what you want and how you think this person can help.

Let people know what is special about them that caused you to call.

The “Thinking of You” Call

The “Thinking of You” Call

It is important with friends, clients, and associates to call occasionally for no particular reason other than to say hello and let them know you are thinking of them.

A “thinking of you” call is a simple way of keeping communication lines open – no sales pitch, no request, no agenda, no expectations.  Just “Hi, how are you?  I was thinking of you and wanted to call.”

English Speaking: The Grammar is in the Pronunciation, Part Two

English Speaking: The Grammar is in the Pronunciation, Part Two


Last time, I told you about how the grammar is in the pronunciation of “ed” for regular verbs for past tense and grammar “s” for subject and verb agreement.  You also got that the grammar is in the pronunciation of grammar “s” for plurals and possessive.

Grammar for English articles (“a,” “an,” and “the”) is also in the pronunciation.  You think articles are unnecessary and a waste of time?  No!  A punch of meaning goes with the use of the “indefinite” articles “a” and “an” or the “definite” article “the.”  People need to hear the important information that goes with “a” or “an”  versus “the.”

Case in point: when I was about 8 years old, my mother gave me money to go to the store to get “a pound of butter.”  I took the money and searched the dairy section for the cheapest pound of butter.  I got home and my mother was upset.  I got the wrong kind. She wanted “the” butter that we always used– the unsalted, more flavorful brand that she used when special company was coming for dinner.

If you slur through the pronunciation of the articles, then you are sending inaccurate information.  If you slur through or omit the articles, then people may think you are not well educated, because young, native-speaker elementary school children get the pronunciation and use of articles right all the time. 

A lovely bonus to getting grammar accurate in your speech is that people who speak with accurate grammar will write with accurate grammar!  A pretty powerful bonus.  People who write with inaccurate grammar are often perceived as not being well-educated.   Think of yourself.  I’ll bet you are well educated.

 Next time:  Grammar, pronunciation and prefixes and suffixes

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