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Public Speaking: “You” – Oriented Statements

Public Speaking: “You”- Oriented Statements


If you want to connect with  listeners during a presentation, don’t focus so much on yourself.  Find ways to address others’ needs.

Tip: Involve your listeners by using more “you”-oriented lines.

  • “You know from your own experience that _________.”
  • “You’ll be relieved to learn ______________________.”
  • “You can benefit if you __________________________.”
  • “You’ll gain direct access to ______________________.”
  • “You can win by _______________________________.”
  • “You deserve _________________________________.”
  • “You can count on _____________________________.”
  • “You can take advantage of ______________________.”
  • “You can now do something about ________________.”

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Special Tips for Using Quotes to Communicate the Judgment of Experts

Special Tips for Using Quotes to Communicate the Judgment of Experts

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For best results for using  the judgment of experts as evidence to support your viewpoint or recommendation:

  • Explain expert’s credential if not known to listeners (Example: renown physicist)
  • Use short quotes
  • Putting quotes on projected slides increases their power


The “Asking for Support” Call

The “Asking for Support” Call

This call is made to ask for information, ideas, contacts, or support of some kind.  The most important thing is to be clear about what you want and how you think this person can help.

Let people know what is special about them that caused you to call.

The “Thinking of You” Call

The “Thinking of You” Call

It is important with friends, clients, and associates to call occasionally for no particular reason other than to say hello and let them know you are thinking of them.

A “thinking of you” call is a simple way of keeping communication lines open – no sales pitch, no request, no agenda, no expectations.  Just “Hi, how are you?  I was thinking of you and wanted to call.”