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Should You Accept an Invitation to Speak??

Should You Accept an Invitation to Speak?

(Of course, if your boss asks you to give a speech, do it!)

  • Do you have the time in your schedule?

o   You need time to get to and from the event and answer questions

  • Do you have time to prepare?

o   You want to prepare a speech you are proud of and satisfies the expectations of your audience

o   Preparing  a 30-minute speech can take hours, days, weeks or months depending on who you are speaking to and how important the speech is,

Deal with the present and look towards the future. Now that we enter times of hybrid working, virtual and in-person, organizations are requesting speakers for their events. It is fall 2021 so organizations are now booking presenters for 2022.

Look toward the future. All the work you devote to a socko presentation aids you by honing your knowledge, by building credibility as an expert and positions you for doors opening in the future.


Conclusion- Write it Out

Write It Out

Write out your conclusion to any presentation.. That combats stage fright. The conclusion is the second most nerve-racking time for speakers. If you write it out, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. And most important, if you write out the conclusion, you’ll know when to stop. You won’t ramble.


English Communication- Gracious Good-bye

English Communication: Gracious Good-bye


Have you forgotten etiquette for a gracious good-bye. Gracious is when both communicators feel content with the leave-taking. Social gatherings for holidays are coming.

The situation: You have participated in a conversation.  It’s time to leave the gathering or you want to strike up conversation with someone else.

Smile and tell the person “I need to go.”

Then call the person by name and acknowledge something they said.  This is to let them know you were taking in information.  For example,  “Bob, it was good talking to you.  Great hearing about your hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.  It makes me want to plan some hiking with my friends.  Hope you get to hiking again soon.”

Express desire to see them again.  For example, “Hope I get to see you again before long.”

Smile and depart.

Gracious departure.  It only takes a few words.

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English Communication: How’s It Going? The Why Tells You the How

English Communication:  How’s It Going? The Why Tells You the How


“How’s it going?” “How are you?”

These phrases can drive international people crazy in the U.S.

That’s because in their home country, if people say, “How are you?”, they really do want to know how you are doing or what is happening in your life.

In the U.S., this can be ritual greeting.  “How are you?” could be acknowledging the other person., the same as “Hi.”   How do you know the intention is acknowledgement only? No opportunity for any response.

But for the best communicatrs, the other’s response to the greeting ritual tells mountains. Observation, listening and looking, are the key. Tone of voice and body language reveal.  35% of a person’s impression of you comes from your tone of voice.   55% of impression comes from body language.

Based on your perception of the other’s well being, you can make judgment about what to communicate or how much to request.

The best communicators mirror the other person. Communication mismatch between exuberance and grief-stricken sparks pain. We live in Covid time. According to lawyer data, there’s rise in relationship breakups.

Mirroring is matching the demeanor of the other person.  Match the positioning of arms and legs and the same level of energy and loudness . Lean into the talker.  You will see mental and emotional state if you care to.

Empathy and connection are golden.  Reflect to adjust your communication to the other’s state of well-being.

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Wow Your Audience

Wow Your Audience

Get a business card from someone in the company that you’ll be addressing and scan in the company logo. Then you can make it appear in the corner of every screen with your logo. 201308