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English Communication Skills-Time of Day Tips for Presentations, Meetings & Conversations Afternoon and Evening

English Communication Skills:  Time of Day Tips for Presentations Meetings and Conversations- Afternoon and Evening – Blog 100 on June 16, 2021


Does your body feel the same in the afternoon and evening as it does in the morning? Probably not. But you do want to maximize your influence and making connections during this time of day. Here are some tips to overcome the afternoon and evening barriers to your goals:


  • If you are leading a meeting , doing a presentation or even a one-on one conversation, — either in-person or remotely– the attendee(s) may need a coffee break.  If you are in-person, do make coffee or tea available. If remotely, suggest the attendee(s) get a cup of coffee or tea before you begin. Otherwise you risk that they’ll interrupt your message to seek out coffee and miss a chunk of what you have to say.
  • More likely in the afternoon is that people may be overwhelmed with data.  Remember, they already put in a half-a-day work! Consider a low-key opening so they ease into your message. Provide lots of handouts or easy access to e-files so they can review details later.
  • Attendees, whether in-person or remote, may need to leave early to commute home or leave to take care of other appointments.  Nothing is worse for listeners than you running overtime at the end of the day.  Make your endtime happen as promised.

Early evening

  • Attendees whether in-person or remote may arrive late (and tired) from working all day.  Respect their situations.
  • Parents with young children may either need to go home early if in-person or leave the remote meeting ,presentation or conversation to put their children to bed.  For in-person, have a table at the back of the room so early departures can take the info sheets without distracting the rest of the audience. For remote gatherings, provide at the beginning of the meetings, the electronic info for the extra materials


  • If attendees are in-person, they may have been drinking alcohol at a cocktail or beer and/or wine reception.  Be prepared for loud chatter.
  • Attendees after dinner may simply want to socialize- and may resent a serious speech, especially one that runs too long.  Engage them with your topic, your enthusiasm, your stories, and your brevity!

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